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Great year-round fishing in the Manistique Lakes!
Fishing and Manistique Lakes Information
If you enjoy WATER RECREATION take a long look at the Manistique Lakes Area. The six major lakes are: North Manistique Lake at 1,722 acres; Big Manistique Lake at 10,130 acres; South Manistique Lake at 4,001 acres; Milakokia Lake at 1,956 acres; Lake Ann Louise at 311 acres; and Millecoquins Lake at 1,890 acres. With numerous other small lakes in the area, a visitor has well over 20,000 acres of inland lake water to enjoy, in addition to the great lakes of Superior and Michigan, and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams!
Fishing Manistique Lakes
Walleye FishingA Variety of Fish Species
The Lakes provide a variety of cool water fish which include: Muskie up to 40 lbs., Northern Pike, Walleye, Large and Small mouth Bass, Perch, Bluegill, Sunfish, Rock Bass, and Bullheads. The rivers and streams provide Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Steelhead Trout, plus great smelt runs in the spring. Special regulations apply - see DNR Fishing Guide for details.
The Manistique Lakes Area offers many fun filled Ice Fishing Events for all ages.
Most of the waters are 30 ft. or less, so temperatures warm early and are very pleasant for swimming, water skiing and other activities. Boats, motors, jet skis, pontoon and paddle-boats are available for rentals at area dealers.

Ice forms in early December and provides a great source for cold weather sports activities from late December until spring break in mid April. The last Saturday in April brings the opening of Trout season and the Smelt runs.
Manistique Lakes Ice Fishing.
If your vacations are planned with water recreation in mind, come and enjoy the northern experience with us here in Curtis Michigan and the Manistique Lakes Area - "It's worth the drive".
Big Manistique Lake
Big Manistique Lake
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Size: 10,130 Acres
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Deepest Point: 20 ft.
Lake Bottom:  Sand to gravel. Abundant vegetation throughout.
Inlets & Outlets: Portage, Helmer Creek, and Mud Creek inlet from the E. Manistique River. Outlets from W. shore. Both S. & N. Manistique Lakes flow into it.
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Musky.
Fishing Vacation
South Manistique Lake (Whitefish Lake)
South Manistique Lake
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Size: 4001 Acres
Average Depth: 10 ft.
Deepest Point: 29 ft.
Lake Bottom:  Sand, fibrous peet to muck in bays. Good vegetation.
Inlets & Outlets: Inlets are creeks from Shoe Pack Lake & several small streams. Flows into Portage Creek to Big Manistique Lake.
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Cisco, Bluegill, Sunfish, Musky, Whitefish.

Fishing Adventure
North Manistique Lake (Round Lake)
North Manistique Lake
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Size: 1722 Acres
Average Depth: 15 ft.
Deepest Point: 50 ft.
Lake Bottom:  Mostly sand. Few weed beds. Limited grave.
Inlets & Outlets: Helmer Creek outlets from S.E. corner into Big Manistique Lake.
Fish Species: Northern Pike, Small mouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Lake Trout.
Walleye Fishing

Manistique Lakes Area Rivers

The Manistique River: The Manistique River begins at the west end of Big Manistique Lake and flows southwesterly to the town of Manistique where it empties into Lake Michigan. The River is about 80 miles long and is 2 to 10 feet deep. River bottom is mostly sand and gravel. It flows through mostly State and Federal lands such as the Seney Wildlife Refuge. The Manistique River offers outstanding canoeing, kayaking and rafting and also offers fishing for Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye. 
The Fox River: The Fox River is a picturesque stream flowing southeasterly from Alger and Northern Schoolcraft counties. Four campgrounds providing access to the river system are located near Seney. The fox River and the upper Fox River with its branches, The East Branch, West Branch and the Little Fox offer some of the finest Brook Trout fishing in the state. Natural production is more than sufficient to maintain good populations, although 12,000 Brook Trout are planted annually in the main branch. Most anglers now agree that Ernest Hemingway's exploits actually occurred along the Fox River. 
The Two Hearted River: The river system is made up of the mainstream and five major tributaries, The South, West, North and East Branches and Dawson Creek. The south Branch is the best Brook Trout water and one of the finest in the state. The mainstream of the Big Two Hearted River from the mouth of the Dawson to the mouth of the East Branch can be fished from the bank, waded or is canoe-able. This stream also contains Brook and Rainbow Trout. The main branch has its spring Steelhead and fall Coho and Pink Salmon runs. 
The Tahquamenon River: The mighty Tahquamenon has something for everyone. Eleven species can be found in its waters. These waters have been planted with Brook and Brown Trout, Walleyes, and Muskies. Famed in the legend of the Chippewa and Hiawatha’s Gitche Gummee, the angler can test his skill along the river's entire course. For the canoeist, there is water to test the expert and satisfy the novice. 
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