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The Seney National Wildlife Refuge of Germfask Michigan
The Seney National Wildlife Refuge is one of the Upper Peninsula's major tourist attraction with over 88,000 visitors to the refuge annually!  Location - The Seney National Wildlife Refuge is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - just 5 miles south of Seney, Michigan, on M-77.  >Click here for Visitor Information and Refuge Map.
Seney Wildlife Refuge
Seney History and Facts
In 1935, the U.S. Government established the beautiful Seney National Wildlife Refuge. It has since been the refuge and breeding grounds for birds and a variety of wildlife! The Visitor Center is open from 9am to 5pm, May 15 through October 15. Enjoy the Center's Touch Table, interactive exhibits, and souvenirs! 
The Seney National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 95,212 acres of wilderness, swamps, islands, and lakes.
Animals abound and thrive within the safe haven of this refuge. Beautiful Trumpeter Swans, osprey, deer, loons, moose, deer, turtles, geese, fish, eagles, and more will welcome your visit!
Kayaking Seney Kayaking and Canoeing
Plan a kayaking or canoeing trip on the Manistique River - drift quietly through the Seney Refuge. 
There are many ways to explore the
Seney Wildlife Refuge!  You can explore the refuge in many different ways:
drive your vehicle, biking, walking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.  Enjoy their 50 mile bike trail!  Kayaking or Canoeing the Seney Refuge gives you and your family the opportunity to see wildlife upclose without disturbing them! Click here for Info from the Refuge on Canoeing & Paddling.
More Information and Contacting the Refuge
If you would like to learn more about the Seney Wildlife Refuge, please visit their website: Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Refuge Manager:  Tracy Casselman

Seney Wildlife Refuge
1674 Refuge Entrance Road
Phone:  906.586.9851
Fax:  906.586.3800
TTY:  1.800.877.8339 (Fed Relay)

More Great Seney Resources and Info:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Seney National Wildlife Refuge Activity and Event Schedule

Seney's Amateur Photo Contest!

Click here for Visitor Information and Refuge Map.

Seney Webcam!

Other Great Sources For Upper Peninsula Wildlife:

Birding by the Bay sponsored in part by the Refuge.
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